Culture / Values

We value and respect all our people. We leverage the unique contributions that their diverse backgrounds, experiences & perspectives bring, to provide exceptional customer service to an equally diverse community.

Collectively, we speak over 20 different languages and we are committed to equality of opportunity, fairness, work and lifestyle, mutual respect and dignity at work for all employees. HPM Legrand acknowledges and respects differences including disability, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, thinking styles, gender and religion.

At HPM Legrand our performance-oriented culture and responsible approach are the foundations of our success. We recognize that our business depends on the creativity, dedication and performance of our employees. We encourage employees to focus on achievement through collaboration and innovation.

A global electrical leader, HPM Legrand has one of the most exciting product ranges in the industry today. A range of innovative electrical products brought to life by diverse, talented and performance driven people.



There’s nothing like a mission to excite and unite people in a common goal.

At HPM Legrand, our company mission is simple: we want to be the easiest to do business with, to offer the most complete and innovative solutions and to be considered as the professionals and experts in the industry. To accomplish this, we rely on four core global principles that guide our business strategy, behaviour and relationships:

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Ethics of behaviour…

Lastingly foster relations of respect and trust between the people who make up the Group, thus encouraging straightforward in-house contacts and reliability in outside exchanges.

Customer awareness…

Highlight the quality of our commitments and services towards our customers, to boost the Legrand Group’s image as a premium partner with innovative solutions.

Resource enhancement…

Optimise the use of our resources to conquer new markets, while constantly seeking to increase our profitability by improved use of capital employed in a perspective of sustainable development.


Develop ongoing innovation in all areas.


At HPM Legrand, we not only care about the well-being of our customers and our employees but also the communities they live and work in. We are looking at supporting a number of initiatives that benefit the community and those in need, including:

  • The Australian Red Cross
  • Biggest Morning Tea
  • R U OK? Day
  • Movember
  • The Smith Family

We also promote staff involvement in activities to help the community and environment by enabling them to take time off work to volunteer for a not-for-profit organisation of their choice.

Reducing Energy

Lighting accounts for more than 20% of greenhouse emissions from commercial buildings. This figure could be reduced by as much as 70% through simple measures. That’s why we’ve introduced a range of energy saving initiatives such as lighting management, lighting controls sources and installing time delay switches.

HPM Legrand has installed automatic lighting control systems across our premises in Preston’s NSW. The system allows the lights on each floor to be programmed according to business hours for that floor and includes a daylight harvesting system to utilise natural light.

In addition, we have a water irrigation system in place for the gardens (on timers) and also capturing the rainwater fall into the storage tanks.

Participating in Earth Hour

HPM Legrand aspires to be a sustainable company. We support a number of sustainable initiatives such as Earth Hour. Each year, HPML Legrand participates in switching off all our lights in an effort to help raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change and overcome global warming. This takes place for 60 minutes at 8.30pm local time on one day of the year.

This is a global movement that aims to reach one billion people in 1,000 cities around the world and get them to act on climate change.

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We provide recycling boxes to all our employees so that waste office paper is deposited in recycling boxes, supplied to all our staff through our stationery ordering system.

Culture / Values


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